Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My second group email to let you know what's up


I'm in Vegas!! I'm greener then green and super pumped to get to work.
My companion is Sister Reed and she is AMAZING!!!!
Right after we left the church building where we met, we arrived at the casita where we live. I dropped off my stuff and immediately after we had dinner, went to FHE, and met some other members in our ward. (It's a YSA(Young Single Adult) Ward.)
Next day was super good but two of our appointments canceled but on the plus side we met a guy named Michael, gave him a Book of Mormon and scheduled a meeting with him for not this Thursday but next Thursday. (It's a test of patience on my part.)
(No. Seriously. Is it normal to be this excited?!) We texted yesterday to see if he's read the introduction to the Book of Mormon yet. He said he hasn't. (COME ON!!)
Sister Reed says it s normal though because it's like all we can think about and they get busy throughout their day and completely forget about it so we just send reminders every once in a while. We are going to ask again on Wednesday. (Another test of patience for me.)
I met some recent converts and they are like ULTRA awesome. I am blown away by their joy and testimonies, their excitement is a great reminder just how important this work is.
We also recently got another investigator (actually just yesterday.)
We went over there to visit with her sister. (She's never there when we go.) We have talked with the younger sister twice now-both times were door visits. (But they count because a lesson consists of a prayer, a lesson taught, and a commitment given.)
I'm pretty excited though. There's a woman getting baptized this month. SUPER EXCITING! And there's another woman that I haven't met yet, praying about baptism next month. (She sent us a scripture on Tuesday!!!!)
Again their excitement just fills me with joy. One of the most amazing things I've seen though is when my companion Sister Reed is telling Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision and the room gets quiet even if there was loudness and laughter only minutes before and as she tells them not only do I feel my testimony grow, but I can see it in the people's eyes that we are teaching. It blows me away how we can already know something and believe it with all our hears but within three minutes it rings true again and we feel it even deeper then we did before. If that makes sense.

Talk to you all again soon. I love you and don't forget to smile!!!

Sister Hayes

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