Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yes I'm ALIVE!!! :D


Thanks for your emails. I absolutely loved them!

Sorry I'm not attaching pictures. Not exactly sure how to them on here.

First week has been busy. I've been learning TONS!!!
The food is good, the new year has thrown some confusion in our schedule, its been cold so I bought tights.... If you can imagine me being desperate enought to wear them. The Elders think I'm being dramatic about the cold so I have to remind them that they are wearing pants and I am stuck in a skirt, the tights help a LOT though.
Already our district is close and tight, kind of like family away from family. We swapped emails last night. We enjoy singing as a group. (Though sometimes we have difficulty with our notes and then we end up laughing.)

Our zone got bigger yesterday because of all the new missionaries. So that's going to be exciting actually meeting them.

Yesterday we were joking about how the most common questions you get here are "Where are you going?" Shortly followed by "Where are you from?" So one of the teachers said a better icebreaker is "What kind of toothpaste do you use?" It's a pretty clever icebreaker I must say. Haha

As I mentioned before I have learned A LOT! And I think the message has finally hit me. I'm not here to answer the investigator's questions. I'm not here to share all that I know. I'm not here to solve their life issues. I'm not supposed to make sure they have a life changing experience where the Holy Ghost is there during the lesson. It isn't our job to be eloquent in our speech and words because sometimes they might not have the faintest idea what we are talking about. Amazingly enough I'm not even here to get them to be baptized.

My job is to INVITE. I can't make them do anything. But I can invite them to read the Book of Mormon, invite them to be baptized, and invite them to pray to their Heavenly Father.
As my teacher said last night. When my companion and I leave and the lesson is over, if we have invited them, they might just open up the Book of Mormon and pray and all of that happens when we are on the other side of the door. More growth happens when we are not even there.
We need to invite and let them and the spirit do the rest. What's really important is that their relationship with God grows. And I think that's what matters. Okay so maybe they say no and completely refuse. AT LEAST WE INVITED. Because if we don't then they DEFINITELY won't be baptized. Besides at least we gave them the idea, we planted the seed, let them have something to think about.

Oh this entire week has brought me to my knees in tears praising my Heavenly Father more than I ever have in my life time, and I will praise Him till the day I die.
He loves me, He cares about me, He knows what I am going through and what I feel. He wants me here and even though I am far from perfect he wants me to start the way I am and become better. And because of this it doesn't matter how hard my mission gets or my life after my mission.
God loves, hears, and answers us and that means the world.

I love you all dearly and I can't wait to hear from you!

All my love,
Sister Hayes

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