Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Taxidermies

Transfer calls came in this week. I'm staying! It really is a relief though because our ward has had way to many many changes this last transfer people got worried when we went on exchanges.

So I have been in a trio since Wednesday. The other sister's companion in our zone, went home for medical reasons, so she's been with us. And their ward has been through a lot of changes too. (Not as crazy as ours but as many as ours.)

Now before I go into this story, I want to get my bases covered. I love the sister that went home. I miss her and I'm sorry she had to go home when she had only five days left in her mission. But we went to a members home for dinner (interesting fact, they had at LEAST 25 taxidermies in their living room and dining room). Anyway after dinner and spiritual thought, one of the members asked us a question. I couldn't think of the answer and my companion wasn't sure what to say. But the third sister who's companion just went home and was able to answer her question. As the member talked, I became very aware that she need to hear the answer that the other sister gave. She had bee praying about it and it was a testimony for her and for me. I don't know honestly why God sent the sister home five days early. That might be the reason, that might be part of the reason, but i know that since the member was in our ward and the other sister never would have been able to answer her question had her companion not gone home.

We revisited the three potentials, two rescheduled one wasn't home.

At district meeting, we talked about people in the Book of Mormon who didn't get to see the fruit of their labors. The three that came to my mind were Abinidi, Samuel the Lamanite, and Moroni. And it kinda hit me that I don't know who I've made an impact on. My point is, as long as I'm being obedient and doing what I'm supposed to be doing, I am going to have an impact on someone. Maybe just the members of the ward that have never had sister before. And I probably won't see all my efforts accomplish but that doesn't mean they didn't impact somebody.

So two testimonies, one letter. The smaller news is that we visited two fo the potentials from last week and have appointments scheduled. And we went to five hours of church this week. Since wee were covering three different wards.

Till Next Week.
Sister Hyaes.

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