Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! (Yesterday!!)

We saw the guy who gave $150 to the congregation yesterday. (I forgot to mention he got the money back.) He's still planning on coming to conference next week!

We also saw the pastors wife again. She's really awesome. I love her so much. The only issues is she works the night shift, so she's asleep all day. The only time we can meet with here is on Tuesday and it would be easier if we could meet with her more then once a week. But it's all good.

This week, Sister Camilleri and I met a lady that was selling her house. We were just walking, she waved at us and we went over to talk to her. (Why pass up an invitation like that?) After talking to her a bit, she let us come inside so she could show us what she remodeled in her house. We got a tour, she showed us she has those secure window things (can't remember what they are called.) What's interesting about the whole thing is she kept telling us she doesn't even let her neighbors come in her house. Maybe the only reason she let us in, was so we could tell everyone about her house. But i'm continuously surprised at how much strangers trust us sometimes. For example, we are just going door to door tracting and some people, (not all) tell us their whole life story, (no we don't ask them to us it either) and what's weird is they don't know why they trust us. It's not like we did something amazing to deserve that trust.
Yeahhhhhhhh... Lost my train of thought...


Awesome experience of the week!
So the elders before us met a guy named Alex. We have been trying to get a hold of him bu he's never been home. This week when we went over there to see if he was home, his mom answered the door. She said we could come back later in the week. (She wasn't feeling good that day.) We came back on Thursday and had a lesson. Just before we started talking about Joseph Smith, we asked if she had any questions. She told us that she doesn't understand why there are so many churches when we asll serve the same God. It was a perfect transition.

Speaking of which, I'm always mind blown when we share the Joseph Smith story. I expected more people to think we are crazy or say something about how that's impossible. But everyone just sits back quietly and listens. I was told (it was in the MTC or with Sister Reed) that we just have to speak the truth. It doesn't need to be fancily worded. Just clear truth. (Example: God loves you, or telling the First Vision in Joseph Smith's words.) When to teach doctrine in clear simple truth, it gives the Holy Ghost the opportunity to testify. And that is a HUGE testimony builder for me.

We thought we were going to have three investigators at Church so we asked the gospel principles teacher to teach a lesson on prophets. (The spirit of the Lord told us that prophets was the lesson our investigators needed to hear.) Only one showed up at church and he didn't come to class. But it was good because the teacher really needed to teach that lesson.

All and all, a fantastic week! :)

-Sister Hayes
(28 March 2016)

Formers, Referrals, Investigators! Oh My! (Not to be confused with "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My")

Hello again!!!

Sister Camilleri and I have been throughly blessed this week. We have contacted a lot of less actives that  are willing to meet with us-formers, referrals, (one that was busy, even asked us to come back until we get in touch with them again.) And we have a Progressing Investigator again. Actually since our former progressing investigator came to church yesterday, we have two progressing! And a former has promised to come to church next week!

The only real annoyance was the microwave. Stupid thing wouldn't stop beeping, and randomly start cooking. (The keypad was shorted-yelling and hitting it with a foam sword didn't work...) But we got that fixed! :)

The other not so happy, brief, but terrifying moment of my week was seeing a rat for the first time! And no they are nothing like the rats in the "Gregor the Overlander" series. Which is good if you think about it, that rat was big enough the size it was.

Finally got to help someone pack! Three times... But it was good! Service is awesome, the lady we were helping had gone on a mission to France so it was cool to swap stories as we packed.

Had corn beef for the first time. I have been so scared to try it. The family we it with said they don't put the seasonings on it,because they don't like the seasonings. Wasn't all bad.I'd eat it again. I think the seasonings are what make people who don't like it, hate corn beef.

Went on exchanges again. Walked. A LOT! Good learning experience though. I did teach a lesson all by myself. Wasn't fantastic, he got to talking about politics, but I turned it back around to the lesson smoothly. (I think). Also, learned I need to learn my area better. Sister Camilleri and I don't think we will be together next transfer. (She's sure she's leaving. And she thinks I'll be training. SCARY!)

My first zone conference was this week too. It was really good and I learned and relearned a lot of stuff about self conversion.

Stay Awesome!
(That sounds corny...)

Sister Hayes
(21 March 2016)

Keeping an Elder's promise I knew nothing about.

Great news!!!!!

We saw the guy who gave $150 to the congregation again!!! :D We have been going over almost every night since February 7th (the Sunday he bore his testimony). Sister Camilleri lost hope and I had too. I've been thinking about dropping him for a while, to be honest, but I hate having to drop people. So yesterday, Sister Camilleri and I agreed that if we didn't see him, we would drop him. I was heartbroken. We went over right after church. He was in his garage and I was immediately overjoyed!!!! He's planning on coming to General Conference and wants us to come over in three weeks.

We also saw the mom who wants to put her boys in scouts. We didn't teach a lesson or anything. (She had a migraine and hadn't been feeling well for a while.) We did do service and helped her boys do their homework though. We met her husband, who was thankful for our help. It was good. We are going over again tonight to see how she's doing.

Also, we contacted a former. He's in construction and left on Saturday, he won't be back until April. Apparently he was told by the elders some time ago that they would get in touch with him again and explain about Christ coming to the Americas. He admired the fact that we kept their promise (which of course we knew nothing about). So that was cool.

On Sunday, I got a little girl who came up to me after sacrament meeting and hugged my leg, which surprised me because I remember seeing her but I just thought I saw her before at church. It was sweet though. Then we went into the five-year-old class becuase the teacher asked us to share with her class how they can be a missionary now. When we walked in, they all started bouncing in their chairs shouting "It's the missionaries! Those are my missionaries!!!!" Then all of them went on to say taht we had dinner at all of their houses. (The little girl that hugged me earlier was in there.) It was really sweet. They were all super cute.

All in all, a good week. I can't wait to see how the next one turns out!

-Sister Hayes
(14 March, 2016)

A short email...

So. I have some news about Michael. He took three lessons. He's still reading the Book of Mormon. But he doesn't want to change his life style. Still praying for him though.

Met with three inactive in one night. Yay for us!!!

We met with some members on Thursday. They gave me Lemon Meringue pie. Thank goodness it was Thursday.

We also met a potential this week. She was receptive and said she didn't understand why there are so many churches when we all serve the same God. We talked about the restoration and she agreed with all of it. We think she will be really solid if her husband, the pastor, doesn't deter her.

I forgot my list of stuff that happened this week and this is all I can remember. So, sorry it's a short one this week.