Friday, April 1, 2016

Formers, Referrals, Investigators! Oh My! (Not to be confused with "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My")

Hello again!!!

Sister Camilleri and I have been throughly blessed this week. We have contacted a lot of less actives that  are willing to meet with us-formers, referrals, (one that was busy, even asked us to come back until we get in touch with them again.) And we have a Progressing Investigator again. Actually since our former progressing investigator came to church yesterday, we have two progressing! And a former has promised to come to church next week!

The only real annoyance was the microwave. Stupid thing wouldn't stop beeping, and randomly start cooking. (The keypad was shorted-yelling and hitting it with a foam sword didn't work...) But we got that fixed! :)

The other not so happy, brief, but terrifying moment of my week was seeing a rat for the first time! And no they are nothing like the rats in the "Gregor the Overlander" series. Which is good if you think about it, that rat was big enough the size it was.

Finally got to help someone pack! Three times... But it was good! Service is awesome, the lady we were helping had gone on a mission to France so it was cool to swap stories as we packed.

Had corn beef for the first time. I have been so scared to try it. The family we it with said they don't put the seasonings on it,because they don't like the seasonings. Wasn't all bad.I'd eat it again. I think the seasonings are what make people who don't like it, hate corn beef.

Went on exchanges again. Walked. A LOT! Good learning experience though. I did teach a lesson all by myself. Wasn't fantastic, he got to talking about politics, but I turned it back around to the lesson smoothly. (I think). Also, learned I need to learn my area better. Sister Camilleri and I don't think we will be together next transfer. (She's sure she's leaving. And she thinks I'll be training. SCARY!)

My first zone conference was this week too. It was really good and I learned and relearned a lot of stuff about self conversion.

Stay Awesome!
(That sounds corny...)

Sister Hayes
(21 March 2016)

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