Friday, April 1, 2016

Keeping an Elder's promise I knew nothing about.

Great news!!!!!

We saw the guy who gave $150 to the congregation again!!! :D We have been going over almost every night since February 7th (the Sunday he bore his testimony). Sister Camilleri lost hope and I had too. I've been thinking about dropping him for a while, to be honest, but I hate having to drop people. So yesterday, Sister Camilleri and I agreed that if we didn't see him, we would drop him. I was heartbroken. We went over right after church. He was in his garage and I was immediately overjoyed!!!! He's planning on coming to General Conference and wants us to come over in three weeks.

We also saw the mom who wants to put her boys in scouts. We didn't teach a lesson or anything. (She had a migraine and hadn't been feeling well for a while.) We did do service and helped her boys do their homework though. We met her husband, who was thankful for our help. It was good. We are going over again tonight to see how she's doing.

Also, we contacted a former. He's in construction and left on Saturday, he won't be back until April. Apparently he was told by the elders some time ago that they would get in touch with him again and explain about Christ coming to the Americas. He admired the fact that we kept their promise (which of course we knew nothing about). So that was cool.

On Sunday, I got a little girl who came up to me after sacrament meeting and hugged my leg, which surprised me because I remember seeing her but I just thought I saw her before at church. It was sweet though. Then we went into the five-year-old class becuase the teacher asked us to share with her class how they can be a missionary now. When we walked in, they all started bouncing in their chairs shouting "It's the missionaries! Those are my missionaries!!!!" Then all of them went on to say taht we had dinner at all of their houses. (The little girl that hugged me earlier was in there.) It was really sweet. They were all super cute.

All in all, a good week. I can't wait to see how the next one turns out!

-Sister Hayes
(14 March, 2016)

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